Chihiro complaints

Ulrich Plate plate
Tue Jul 23 00:43:50 EDT 2002

> I don't quite understand the technology enough to understand this
> reasoning (perhaps someone could explain), but has anyone seen the DVD
> yet?

Yes, and although I would never have noticed any difference to older Ghibli
DVDs by myself , I just checked again after reading your post (on a
completely Japanese range of devices, NTSC DVD player & TV, that is), and I
admit that the white of eyeballs and titles may be a little more brilliant
in Mononoke Hime than in Chihiro. It's hardly noticeable, really, but then
again I didn't see it in a cinema before, maybe that was significantly

Certainly doesn't make it 'hard to see', though, whatever that means.

Ulrich Plate

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