fresh blood?

Tim Cooke armymoose at
Tue Jul 30 16:22:05 EDT 2002

Hello, wishing to side-step some of the rather politicised and antagonistic 
message-writing of recent days (which I'm sure is only temporary anyway), it 
crossed my mind that I've heard nowt about any forthcoming Kitano projects. 
Aside from cameos, there's been no film after the mostly insubstantial 
'Brother', so does anyone know if he has a new film out any time soon? He's 
not cropped in any comment since I joined the list not so long ago, but I am 
fan (hopefully that's nothing to be ashamed of) but I would like to know. 
For all I know there could have been a release in Japan, and no info 
available in Ireland - which wouldn't be the 1st time.. So much obliged if 
anyone could supply a helpful hint or two.

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