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Sven Koerber svenkoerber
Mon Jul 29 11:00:59 EDT 2002

Dear members of the KineJapan list

As a student of the Japanese studies I am
going to write my final exam report about the
Japanese film and the comparison with
America ( Hollywood ) and Europe ( France,
Italy, England and Germany ) in one and a half

The exact topic will be about the influence of
the production companies on the "art of film",
and how film makers ( possibly ? ) went against it.

Therefore I want to make some intervies with
people involved in the fields of film: directors,
cameramen, etc. as well as producers, film critics,
scholars, etc. in either countries.

If anybody knows adresses of people like them, 
or himself wants to take part in such an interview, 
please be free to contact me.

The interview can be in English or German, 
or in ( simple ) Japanese. I live in Munich, Germany, 
middle of next year I will stay in Tokyo for some months.
If a personal meeting is not possible, an interview
via E-Mail would also be great.

Start of the whole interview-process will be in
6 - 8 months.

Thank You for Your help, 


Sven Koerber
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