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Mark Nornes amnornes
Fri Jul 5 13:26:31 EDT 2002

If you have Japanese language collections in your library, alert your 
librarian about an upcoming reprint from Yumani. It's expensive, so it 
probably won't be on anyone's personal bookshelves. Next to the Kinema 
Junpo reprint, this will probably be the most important fukkokuban for 
Japanese cinema. It's Nihon Eiga and Eiga Junpo, reprinted in 51 
volumes, edited by Makino Mamoru, and (ONLY) 980,000 yen. ISBN 
4-8433-0586-3 C3304

Eiga Junpo's 100 issues run from 1941 to the 1943. It took the place of 
Kinema Junpo, title purified of the katakana.

Nihon Eiga started in 1936 and benefited from the agglomeration of the 
magazine industry after the 1939 film law. Indeed, this is one of the 
places where you can see the nationalization and censorship process play 
out in articles, zadankai, and in the look and feel of the magazine 
itself. By the end of the war, this was the only film journal left 
standing. In 1945 is was reduced to something like a pamphlet for 
industry and ministry insiders. These last issues are very rare precious 
(and printed on very acidic paper), so the reprint is particularly 
welcome for preservation of this final chapter in the film war.

These were thick magazines, dense with articles on every aspect of the 
cinema. Let's get a few copies in non-Japanese libraries; Yumani is only 
publishing 150 sets.

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