Japanese-Indonesian cinema ( J+E)

Mark Nornes amnornes
Fri Jul 5 13:43:44 EDT 2002

I know there are quite a few of you out there interested in the colonial 
era and its media. A new report from the Film Center will be of great 
interest to you. It's the result of their in-depth study of the archival 
resources available for the Dutch East Indies colony. The catalog is 
short, but rich with data. It has short narratives on the history of the 
period, bibliographies (including long lists of articles from Eiga Junpo 
and Nihon Eiga, so get that Yumani reprint!), nenpyo, list of staff 
members, and minute by minute descriptions of several select films. The 
most important section is probably the lists of extant films and where 
you can find them; this includes localized versions of Japanese films.

The title is ????????????????????????and I imagine they 
would send or sell it to you if you ask.

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