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Mon Jul 8 01:48:36 EDT 2002

>On a similar topic, two days ago I went to a bookstore and picked up the
>July issue (Vol.30-9) of the journal Gendai Shiso.  This month's topic is
>"War and Media," and the book contains essays from the Senso to Media
>symposium that took place at the Nichi-Butsu Kaikan in Ebisu at the end of
>last March.  I can't find any info on the web right now but I believe
> and other retailers will sell this issue sooner or later.

Thanks to Mike for mentioning the issue. As I announced earlier in the 
year, there was a major symposium at the Nichi-Futsu Kaikan at the end of 
March on the topic of war and media. Almost all of the papers presented 
there, plus a few more, have been published, often in expanded form, in 
Japanese in Gengai Shiso. My article on wartime Japanese cinema and the 
problem of Asian spectators is included. A list of the full contents is 
available at:

You can apparently buy issues of Gendai Shiso through

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