Chris Howell-Little chl
Tue Jul 16 11:38:48 EDT 2002


So I've actually been subscribed to this list for a while, but never
introduced myself. My name is Chris Howell-Little, and I recently finished
my undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester with concentrations
in both Japanese and Film studies. At Rochester I was lucky enough to take
some really amazing Japanese cinema courses with Prof. Joanne Bernardi,
and somewhere along the way became hopelessly addicted to this stuff. In
the fall I'll be starting an MA at Columbia University in Japanese

My academic interests in Japanese film are difficult to summarize briefly,
but here's a shot: I find most anything by Oshii Mamoru totally
fascinating, and have written research papers on the impact of the Gulf
War media coverage on 'Patlabor 2', and Jin-Roh's representation of an
alternate postwar. My last semester at Rochester, I really enjoyed
researching a paper I wrote for a Kurosawa class that was attempt at
summarizing Oshima Nagisa's criticism of Kurosawa's films. It wasn't
entirely successful, but it was fun.

(There's so much more I could write, but I know I generally don't like
reading long emails, so I'll stop here.)  So yeah, that's me, I think...


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