Kadokawa Takes Over Daiei

Aaron Gerow gerow
Tue Jul 23 00:12:04 EDT 2002

The industry is still reeling over the announcement that Kadokawa will be 
taking over Daiei from Tokuma, but today's news reports have added some 
more details and speculations.

First, the exact price in the deal has not been divulged but it seems to 
be "several dozen million dollars." Important in the deal was Daiei's 
catalog of over 1600 films (including Rashomon and Sansho the Bailiff) 
which, when combined with Kadokawa's catalog of over a 100 films, now 
makes Kadokawa a major player on the film "contents" industry. Perhaps 
we'll see even more Daiei films coming out on the market.

Most are saying that Kadokawa has in mind becoming a "major studio" with 
this deal. By acquiring the Daiei studio in Chofu, they now finally have 
their own studio and, when combined with existing Kadokawa companies, 
like Asmik Ace and Kadokawa's TV production division, are set to play all 
aspects of the film/TV field.

There's also speculation about reviving production of old Daiei hits like 

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