Chihiro complaints

Silvia Groniewicz LinaInverse
Tue Jul 23 06:15:51 EDT 2002

Hello, has a short article on their mainpage. Here is what they say:

"And wouldn't you know, they botched it. Though we're hearing things from
it being intentional to DLP prints being used and other assorted ideas, the
end result is that the print is very heavy with a red tint. Take a look at
these pictures ( to get an idea of some
before and after in terms of color corrections being done
1&forum=DCForumID2&omm=0). Some images used have shown movie book images to
captures, and a nearly white wall comes out as almost a mojave style red.
Apparently even the IVL Region 3 release used the same materials, giving
more credence to the intentional nature of it. Suffice to say, fans are not

Seems you can get rid of the red tint with a bit of expertise...


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