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Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow at angel.ne.jp
Wed Oct 9 03:14:36 EDT 2002

>For some reason that film reminds me of Aoyama's "Roji e"...  Speaking of
>which, the Kinokuniya DVD for Aoyama's film is very good (it even has
>English subs), but there are a number of scenes in this film that are
>overexposed.  Am I correct in assuming that this is intentional?

Are you referring to the footage Nakagami shot himself? According to 
press info, Tamura tried to shoot his footage in a way that is does not 
make it look too different from Nakagami's footage, but one can easily 
tell the difference: some overexposed shots, and a general sense this is 
older footage.

Aaron Gerow
Associate Professor
Yokohama National University

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