Tomato kecchappu otei drainer
Tue Oct 8 20:36:46 EDT 2002

    I honestly think that they only care when you order products from a
business... people seem to be able to get away with a lot of "personal"
items.It also seems to be contingent on the shipping method. For example, I
have never had a package stopped by USPS customs before, mailed from all
over the world (from family and from businesses) while through UPS my
packages get stopped ALL the time -- the most notable occurence is when I
buy clothing from England. UPS likes to throw a nice $72+ brokerage charge
on top of it.I've had Japanese videos (of course, nothing close to kecchappu
otei) stop at customs through UPS as well,none detained, just charged to the
brokerage account. Maybe I'm being hustled, who knows.


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> The movie is a blast, but I actually regret spending so much cash on the
> one VHS tape. Tsutaya in Shinjuku has the whole series so I should have
> just rented it.  I mailed the tape back to the U.S.A., cover art and all
> (the cover art is the least of your worries with this film, believe
> along with all my other videos and books.  I was worried about customs,
> they never even bothered to check the contents of my boxes.  I'm
> curious--have any other list members here had customs problems shipping
> Japanese videos to the U.S.?

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