Upcoming DVD releases from Japan

Michael E Kerpan Jr kerpan at attglobal.net
Wed Oct 9 19:42:46 EDT 2002

Some interesting and, hitherto, hard to find material seems to be coming out 
in the next couple of months. Unfortunately, the likelihood of English 
subtitles does not appear high.
Releases include Imamura's "Buta to gunkan" (Pigs and Battleships), Suzuki's 
"Kenka elegy", Somai's "Ohikkoshi", and what I am guessing are some 1960s 
"Sun Tribe" films.
(gleaned from CD Japan).

Also, some questions on recent releases.

I see that Aoi Miyazaki has appeared in two films directed by Tetsuo Maeda: 
"Swing Man" and "Pakodate-jin".  Other than the fact that the first of these 
is horror-esque and the second is (seemingly) aimed at children, I've found 
very little information online on these.  Has anyone seen these (or at least 
seen reviews of them)?


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