Koreans in Japanese films

Aaron Gerow gerow at ynu.ac.jp
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>I am thinking of using Family Game (1984), where there seemed to be an
>allusion to the family's ethnic origin, to Go (2001), the full-fledged
>discussion about the Korean identity in Japan. I would greatly appreciate
>any other suggestions about this topic. Thank you.

There are dozens and dozens of films you could deal with here. One place 
to start would be Yomota Inuhiko's _Ajia no naka no Nihon eiga_ (Iwanami, 
2001), which includes some long discussions of the representation of 
Koreans in Japanese film and cites a lot of particular texts. Yomota 
focuses in particular on yakuza movies which were some of the first 
"mainstream" films to acknowledge the presence of Koreans. Milissa cited 
the One Korea site, and that article is written by Monma Takashi, a 
critic who makes a specialty of discussing Asian representations of Japan 
and Japanese representations of Asians. Looking for more of his articles 
will help a lot.

Some additions to the films already mentioned:

Jingi no hakaba
Gaki teikoku
Gama: Getto no hana
Fudoh (and some other Miike films)
Shin Jingi naki tatakai (Sakamoto's version)

There's also a new film coming out: Yo o kakete 

And do be careful about Go. Some on the zainichi community, like Sai 
Yoichi, had major problems with it (as did I). Those debates may be 
interesting to look into.

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