Koreans in Japanese films

Melissa Wender melissa.wender
Thu Oct 10 18:58:04 EDT 2002


There are many, though I haven't had luck finding any of these with English
subtitles.  Some of the more famous include:
    Imamura Shohei's Nyanchan
    Oguri Kohei's Kayako no tame ni (based on Ri Kaisei)
    Sai Yoichi's Tsuki wa docchi ni dete iru

If you are considering documentary, there are Nakata Toichi's  Osaka Story
and Matsukawa Tetsuaki's Anyong Kimch'i.

Also, you might want to take a look at the One Korea website, which has more
information on the topic, including a list of films at:

Hope this helps.

Melissa Wender

Kukhee Choo wrote:

> I am looking into Korean-Japanese (or Koreans living Japan) identity
> politics in films. I would like to get some suggestions on which films I
> should use?
> I am thinking of using Family Game (1984), where there seemed to be an
> allusion to the family's ethnic origin, to Go (2001), the full-fledged
> discussion about the Korean identity in Japan. I would greatly appreciate
> any other suggestions about this topic. Thank you.
> Kukhee Choo

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