tokyo used video cornucopia?

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Wed Oct 16 07:51:28 EDT 2002

>stores where used videos can be bought fairly cheaply (I guess by Tokyo

There's a bunch of second-hand stores in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Video Market 
in Shinjuku is a good one, though they can be rather expensive (they had a 
copy of Sogo Ishii's SHUFFLE for 7800 Yen. That was last April, but I'm sure 
it's still there). I don't have the exact address, but I'm sure other list 
members will have it handy.

The area on the east side of Shinjuku station, between the station and 
Kabuki-cho, has a couple of used video stores too.

A great part of town to go is Jimbocho. Better known for its second-hand 
bookstores, it also has a dozen or so used video places, many of which are 
quite affordable. There's one good shop on the "Grüne Allee" (I'm not 
joking, that's what it's called) on Yasukuni-dori, as well as a bunch of 
shops around the corner on Hakusan-dori (in the direction of Suidobashi).

My big discovery though is in Shibuya, a small video shop on the third floor 
of a building around the corner from Tsutaya. It's easy to overlook, but 
there's a sign outside advertising the place to passers-by. It's located in 
a small street that probably won't be on any maps, but it's very close to 
Shibuya station. Take the Hachiko exit and cross the street towards 
Tsutaya/Starbucks. Go into the street to the left that leads to the back 
entrance of HMV. Before you reach HMV there is a small street to your right. 
That's where you want to be. The video shop is on the left side of that 
street (I hope that's clear. The lack of street names really makes giving 
directions a bit difficult). This place has prices as low as 300 yen. 
Although much of what they sell is V-cine (which is true for most 
second-hand video places), you can occasionally find some very interesting 

Hope this helps.


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