tokyo used video cornucopia?

Alex Zahlten Alex.Zahlten at
Sun Oct 20 22:54:31 EDT 2002

many thanks for your tips, I've been checking them out already...

Alex Zahlten

> >stores where used videos can be bought fairly cheaply (I guess by Tokyo
> >standards)....
> There's a bunch of second-hand stores in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Video
> Market 
> in Shinjuku is a good one, though they can be rather expensive (they had a
> copy of Sogo Ishii's SHUFFLE for 7800 Yen. That was last April, but I'm
> sure 
> it's still there). I don't have the exact address, but I'm sure other list
> members will have it handy.
> The area on the east side of Shinjuku station, between the station and 
> Kabuki-cho, has a couple of used video stores too.
> A great part of town to go is Jimbocho. Better known for its second-hand 
> bookstores, it also has a dozen or so used video places, many of which are
> quite affordable. There's one good shop on the "Grüne Allee" (I'm not 
> joking, that's what it's called) on Yasukuni-dori, as well as a bunch of 
> shops around the corner on Hakusan-dori (in the direction of Suidobashi).
> My big discovery though is in Shibuya, a small video shop on the third
> floor 
> of a building around the corner from Tsutaya. It's easy to overlook, but 
> there's a sign outside advertising the place to passers-by. It's located
> in 
> a small street that probably won't be on any maps, but it's very close to 
> Shibuya station. Take the Hachiko exit and cross the street towards 
> Tsutaya/Starbucks. Go into the street to the left that leads to the back 
> entrance of HMV. Before you reach HMV there is a small street to your
> right. 
> That's where you want to be. The video shop is on the left side of that 
> street (I hope that's clear. The lack of street names really makes giving 
> directions a bit difficult). This place has prices as low as 300 yen. 
> Although much of what they sell is V-cine (which is true for most 
> second-hand video places), you can occasionally find some very interesting
> titles.
> Hope this helps.
> Tom
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