ever heard about Nobuo Nakagawa ?

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We're releasing Goke some time next year.

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 Nakagawa ?

>   Hi !
>   I'm new to this list and I would like to know if anyone out there has
> movies about Nobuo Nakagawa ?
>   I've recently purchased dvds from Beam Entertainment / Eclipse Films
> have been released in Japan. These were the five ones dedicated to the
> horror movies directed by the great Nobuo Nakagawa.
>   It seems quite hard to get to see ghost and horror movies from the
> 1960/1970 years. Kaiju eiga are easier to put an eye on...
>   I'm still waiting to get the chance to see movies like "Kyuketsuki
> Gokemidoro" (aka Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell) by Hajime Sato (1968),
> "Yokai hyaku monogatari" (aka The Hundred Ghost Stories) by Kimiyoshi
> (1968) or "Hausu" (aka House) by Nobuhiko Obayashi (1977).
>   It gets even harder to see such films when you want to see them uncut,
> japanese language and english (or french...) subtitles !
>   Though my favourite japanese movie so long is probably "Seppuku" by
> Kobayashi I'm mainly interested in what some may call "cult" movies. One
> other favourite of mine is "Jigoku" by Nobuo Nakagawa.
>   I'll be happy to talk about such movies and others with you on the
> KineJapan ML !
>   Cyril

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