Lorenzo Torres ltorresh at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 31 07:08:21 EST 2002

Hi everybody:

Some people here, in Madrid, would like to arrange a kind of "Tonight 
Japanese Cinema" in a well know teather. It would be one or twice by month, 
and we'd like to dedicate each night to different genres and times: Manga, 
classic (Ozu...), actual (Kitano) etc.
We are contacting Japan Embassy here; but it would nice to know if there are 
any Japanese private company dedicated to promote this kind of events 
outside of Japan.
It would be a non profit event and people involved are students, 
investigators, etc. arround Cinema and Japanese Culture in general, that 
just would like to be able to watch JApanese Cinema in Madrid (it's not that 

Thanks in advance.

Lorenzo J. Torres
Madrid, Spain.

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