Eija Niskanen emniskanen
Thu Oct 31 10:20:08 EST 2002

A few years back we got some money for Helsinki Film Festival from Japan
for our Japanese film series. The Japanese Embassy handles the applications,
so ask them specifically about this.

> Hi everybody:
> Some people here, in Madrid, would like to arrange a kind of "Tonight
> Japanese Cinema" in a well know teather. It would be one or twice by
> and we'd like to dedicate each night to different genres and times: Manga,
> classic (Ozu...), actual (Kitano) etc.
> We are contacting Japan Embassy here; but it would nice to know if there
> any Japanese private company dedicated to promote this kind of events
> outside of Japan.
> It would be a non profit event and people involved are students,
> investigators, etc. arround Cinema and Japanese Culture in general, that
> just would like to be able to watch JApanese Cinema in Madrid (it's not
> easy!!).
> Thanks in advance.
> Lorenzo J. Torres
> Madrid, Spain.
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