Tomato kecchappu otei

Mark L. Feinsod mfeinsod
Sun Oct 6 13:28:28 EDT 2002

Yep, I?m in NYC ? I guess I?ll simply have to take my chances.  Keeping in
mind what happened with Kiarostami this past week, the odds of anybody in
our gov?t making ANY exceptions for ANYTHING cultural seem.... well....


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>> >Thanks for your responses, everyone.
>> >Question: If I order the films, what are the realistic chances of having
> the
>> >package opened and me being ?raided??
> If you're in the UK probably about 10-20% chance of the package being opened
> and, if the customs can find an excuse, seized. The last thing I sent to the
> UK that got seized was a DVD of one of Toshiharu Ikeda's XX films. You won't
> get raided unless you're importing something VERY dodgy.
> But your e-mail address suggests you're in NYC.
> Miles

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