Emperor Tomato Ketchup, redux.

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Tue Oct 8 20:28:55 EDT 2002

   On usenet go to... alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese and request it...
even though they seem mostly interested in dramas, there are movies posted
there all the time, so you might get lucky. There are other *.multimedia
groups, but I can't think of them off hand (I use computers for work and
study now a days ;)
   There is also a subtitling program that will play the subtitles in sync
with movies you get in divx or mpeg format...... I'll get back to you on
that (as I just got it on CD and have not checked it out).
   On irc you can always go to dalnet, a.b.m.j has a channel on there, and
there are tons of other movie channels, where you can find anything,
including subtitles (and since this is a relatively "big" cult movie, I know
there are text files out there for the program I just mentioned). Of course,
you do have to waste a relatively large amount of time looking for the
things you want online, but isn't that what the internet was made for?


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> As the one who started this thread in a search for English subtitles for
> Terayama's film, I'm eager to find out what you mean by the subtitles
> being on irc/usenet.  Could you explain how to access this trove subtitles
> at irc or usenet?  What precisely are you referring to?
> Your help is much appreciated.
> Jonathan

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