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Sun Oct 27 15:43:55 EST 2002

On Saturday, October 26, 2002, at 08:30  PM, John Dougill wrote:

> on 27/10/02 8:32 AM, anne mcknight at akmck at wrote:
>> (So help me, I
>> did not choose the title, Jesus in Nirvana.)
> In the past some of the titles have
> successfully captured the theme of the film, but as someone pointed 
> out last
> year, the fashion now seems to be for simple 'katakanisation' of 
> titles -
> even in cases where it will have no meaning for Japanese.

I regularly raised a ruckus at Yamagata Doc Film Festival, complaining 
about their love of katakana non-translation. Our disagreements came to 
a head with Manufacturing Consent, otherwise known as 
Manyufakushoringukonsento. They wouldn't budge from this decision, 
arguing that the original title was untranslatable and that Japanese 
audiences just like their foreign films titled in katakana regardless 
of legibility. It drove me nuts!

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