Asians' Language Experience in Film

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Mon Oct 28 09:33:33 EST 2002

Immediate thought - although you were on the ball with CRAZY ENGLISH - 
is Thai film KILLER TATTOO (2001) in which one of the hitmen - an Elvis 
impersonator - insists on only speaking English even though he can only 
grasp about five words.  His one-liners to enemies - "Have you seen a 
book", etc - make Schwartzenegger's protagonists look like geniuses.  
It's available on VCD with English subtitles.


On Sunday, Oct 27, 2002, at 23:29 Etc/GMT, Kumiko Sato wrote:

> Dear KineJapaners,
> I'm not sure if this list is the right place to ask, but your help in 
> any form will be greatly appreciated.  As making reading plans for 
> Spring courses, I've been seeking interesting films that deal with 
> cross-cultural experiences of Asians or Asian-Americans who struggle 
> (or are obsessed...) with English language acquisition and use, and/or 
> silence.  I thought of Crazy English and Greenaway's The Pillow Book, 
> but they seem to fall short in terms of availability or content.  Do 
> you out there have any good suggestions, fiction or documentary?  
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Kumiko Sato

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