Throne of Blood

Jun-Dai Bates-Kobashigawa jundai at
Mon Mar 3 14:05:42 EST 2003

I apologize if this has already been mentioned.

Here in the US, Criterion is supposedly working on a number of dvd
releases from Kurosawa (including revisiting Seven Samurai, which could
certainly use some improvement).  Throne of Blood, which comes out in May
is the first of these titles to come out, and it includes two separate
subtitle translations: Linda Hoaglund's new translation, and a translation
by Donald Richie that is based on Jacobean diction.  This seems to me a
rare opportunity for those of us that study Japanese film, particularly
those that are also interested in translation.  Even more exciting is the
fact that both Donald Richie and Linda Hoaglund will be including notes on
their subtitle translations.


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