Throne of Blood

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> I apologize if this has already been mentioned.
> Here in the US, Criterion is supposedly working on a number of dvd
> releases from Kurosawa (including revisiting Seven Samurai, which could
> certainly use some improvement).  Throne of Blood, which comes out in May
> is the first of these titles to come out, and it includes two separate
> subtitle translations: Linda Hoaglund's new translation, and a translation
> by Donald Richie that is based on Jacobean diction.  This seems to me a
> rare opportunity for those of us that study Japanese film, particularly
> those that are also interested in translation.  Even more exciting is the
> fact that both Donald Richie and Linda Hoaglund will be including notes on
> their subtitle translations.
Is this a new Criterion disc for SHICHININ NO SAMURAI? I thought Criterion
had already released one. The new 16mm print opened here last week and I was
fortunate enough to write about it for our alt. weekly.

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