Nippon Connection Film Festival Alex.Zahlten
Sun Mar 9 13:58:33 EST 2003

Dear Kinejapaners,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to mention the Nippon Connection film
festival that will take place this 
April (9th to 13th) in Frankfurt, Germany, for the third time . It showcases
contemporary japanese cinema, 
with a division in programs between a ?cinema? and a ?digital? section- the
digital section focusing on video 
productions as well as other media (computer animation for example). There
is also an eclectic cultural 
byprogram (with concerts, exhibitions of young jap. video artists etc.), as
well as an attempt to provide a 
forum for reflection on contemporary Japanese cinema, in the form of
lectures and podium discussions.
There will also be a retrospective of films by Shuji Terayama that will be
screened at the German Film 
Museum during the festival. 
In the digital section, programs will be presented in cooperation with the
Onedotzero festival, the Pia Film 
Festival, the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and the Santa
Mania Short Film Festival 
Tokyo and the NHK satellite-TV program DigiSta. Lectures will be held by Luk
Van Haute (author of 
?Revival van de Japanse Film?) and Roland Domenig from the University of
Vienna among others, and a 
grand round discussion will take place, in which some guests from Japan will
take part as well.
Everyones invited, for further questions write to info at or
check out; the full program will be announced shortly.

Best wishes,

Alex Zahlten

alex at

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