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Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Wed Mar 12 04:22:00 EST 2003

Najib and everyone,

Since Najib's question is pertinent to everyone, I thought I would answer 
it to the whole list. I'm sure most of us wonder about whether to 
unsubscribe to the list when leaving for the holidays or some extended 
period of time. In general, my advice is this:

If you have confidence in the size of your mailbox (check with your 
provider), you can just leave your subscription open so that you can 
check all the mail when you get back.

But if you don't have confidence in the size of your mailbox, please set 
your mail to postpone or unsubscribe temporarily. When a mailbox of a 
subscriber gets filled, the mail from KineJapan starts bouncing back and 
we the owners start getting tons of error messages. At some bad times, 
with several problem addresses, we get 20 or 30 error messages a day. 
It's annoying for us because we have to check on them to see what's the 
matter. The server may automatically delete problem addresses and we may 
do it by hand.

The problem with unsubscribing or setting your mail to postpone is that 
you miss the mail in the meantime. We still haven't worked up the archive 
function that well, so it's hard to retreive missed message.

For more information on list commands, send a message as directed below 
my name.

Aaron Gerow
Yokohama National University
KineJapan list owner
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listserver at
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