Ringu Dreamworks (US) DVD Release

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Wed Mar 12 04:38:05 EST 2003

>Why do you think it has no connection to the story?

Or rather, I'd ask if a connection exists at all.  Characters die in linear 
fashion (?) as the video tape is transmitted from one person to another, 
and there is no circular narrative or literal "ring" to otherwise justify 
the title.  Perhaps the reason is found in the novel the movie was based on 
(which I haven't read).  Mind you, there are quite a few other anachronisms 
within "Ring" itself that I have more problems with.
It's all semantics anyway - I don't think it's a bad movie, but on the 
other hand it doesn't really warrant the level of discussion and interest 
it has generated.
Don Brown

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