Romanisation (E/J)

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Wed Mar 12 08:24:41 EST 2003

>This film does not have an English release title, which means I 
>would need to use Shin Daisan No Gokudo Boppatsu Kansai Gokudo Uozu  
>throughout. In this situation, very few (even those who are familiar 
>with katakana) would realise that 'uozu' stands for the English word 
>'wars'. 'Uozu' may be consistent and in accordance with the rules, 
>but it does not properly communicate the title and its meaning. It 
>would therefore require separate clarification, which to all intents 
>and purposes is unwieldy.

I see what you're saying, but surely if someone isn't able to read "Uozu" 
for "wars", then they wouldn't have any idea what the "Shin Daisan..." etc. 
means either.  Simply tacking "wars" on the end doesn't communicate the 
meaning.  If you go by this rule of changing katakana words back to their 
original readings, it could prove to be troublesome considering the gap 
between the source language and the modern Japanese meaning in the case of 
some katakana words.
Perhaps official romanisation should be defined as the correct way to type 
in a search heading on Yahoo Japan...
Don Brown

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