Criterion (was, for a minute, Hikaru Hayashi) + introduction

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i talked yesterday with a friend of mine who is already for a long time a
of kinejapan and he told me that it is common to introduce myself as a new
i was at the viennale and talked a while with mark nornes and he told me
bout kinejapan and
what it all is about. 2 days after i signed and my first posting were bout
criterion and i didnt know that everybody uses their real names ... so sorry
for that. according to my person i am a film and theater student from vienna
with a main focus on japanese cinema and asian culture. i have quite good
knowledge about DVD releases and maybe, bout their quality which can maybe
also be for good help here at kinejapan.
which brings me back to the criterion theme as well.

i never wanted to be rude according to criterion releases, but fact is that
for us as euopeans it isnt that easy to buy these special american dvds here
at any shop, even in vienna, where i live -its impossible. so importing is
really expensive u have to pay bout 8.- per disc for shipping and the custom
want 23% of the whole price (inlcuding the shipping costs) and our costum
control is very strict ... believe me :)
and there is the way of ordering at yesasia ( they give u
the possibility of free shipping and no VAT ...  that means for us importing
japanese discs is cheaper and faster. and what i can remember the japanese
discs are always better than R1 releases.
and its also a fact that there are HK kurosawa akira dvds (5.-) which are as
good as the criterions OR even better.

so best regards form vienna and sorry again for my bad behaviour !

stefan nutz

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> Quick question to Aaron and Markus,
> Is there some way that a 'real name policy' can be added to the Kinejapan
> posting guidelines? I can understand that people would want to hide behind
> anonymous one-word nicknames on fanboy forums where flaming is almost
> standard practice, but since Kinejapan holds openness and exchange (and
> civility) in such high regard and the level of discussion is on the whole
> accordingly, it would be nice if we would all have some idea of who we are
> communicating with.
> Tom
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