Criterion (was, for a minute, Hikaru Hayashi) + introduction

Mark Nornes amnornes
Mon Nov 10 11:21:35 EST 2003

Welcome Stephan!

Since you mention Criterion, I thought I'd point out the article in the 
Sunday New York Times on DVD quality. Criterion gets special mention. 
And deserves it, I think.

Another Criterion disk worth mentioning is their Throne of Blood. This 
is perhaps the first disk that really takes creative advantage of the 
multiple subs on DVDs. You can watch either Donald Richie's subs with a 
slightly Jacobean touch (subs he wrote for the studio, but were never 
used at the time) or Linda Hoagland's more conventional subtitles. Both 
are excellent. Comparing the two offers quite the unique experience of 
jidai geki, especially for those without Japanese.

Three Cheers to Criterion!


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