Ozu DVDs

Nick Wrigley nicklists at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Nov 8 10:15:03 EST 2003

> By the way, my wife gave me one of Shochiku's boxed sets of Ozu DVDs 
> for my birthday. I forget if anyone has mentioned this already, but 
> alas, it does not have English subtitles. I suspect Shochiku is eyeing 
> selling rights for these to foreign companies.

Panorama (HK) are using the same DVD transfers as Japan (officially 
licensed from Shochiku, and much cheaper than the Japanese discs) and 
the Panorama discs have English subtitles. Unfortunately, their Eng 
subs leave a lot to be desired and might as well not be there. AN 
AUTUMN AFTERNOON's Eng subs are incoherent, rife with spelling 
mistakes, factual inconsistencies, bad grammar... it's truly a shambles 
(something you'd expect from a bootleg), but at least you can turn them 
off and enjoy the images.

-Nick Wrigley>-

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