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Sat Nov 8 12:47:39 EST 2003

here the link of the HK distributor "panorama", the page is also in eng. 


stefan nutz

> > By the way, my wife gave me one of Shochiku's boxed sets of Ozu DVDs 
> > for my birthday. I forget if anyone has mentioned this already, but 
> > alas, it does not have English subtitles. I suspect Shochiku is eyeing 
> > selling rights for these to foreign companies.
> Panorama (HK) are using the same DVD transfers as Japan (officially 
> licensed from Shochiku, and much cheaper than the Japanese discs) and 
> the Panorama discs have English subtitles. Unfortunately, their Eng 
> subs leave a lot to be desired and might as well not be there. AN 
> AUTUMN AFTERNOON's Eng subs are incoherent, rife with spelling 
> mistakes, factual inconsistencies, bad grammar... it's truly a shambles 
> (something you'd expect from a bootleg), but at least you can turn them 
> off and enjoy the images.
> -Nick Wrigley>-
> www.ozuyasujiro.com
> www.mastersofcinema.org

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