Self-Introduction and Request

Richard Suchenski rsuchens at Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 17 03:19:35 EST 2003


My name is Richard Suchenski, and I'm a Princeton student majoring in film and East Asian Studies.  Japanese film is my primary area of study, and I am currently living in Kyoto and attempting to deepen my understanding of both Japanese cinema and the Japanese language.  My focus, in general, is on major Japanese filmmakers such as Mizoguchi (my favorite filmmaker), Ozu, Kurosawa, Naruse, Oshima, Shinoda, etc., but I also have a strong interest in experimental/avant-garde cinema, and I am currently attempting to develop a formal history, in English, of Japanese avant-garde film.  

The history would include both purely experimental filmmakers like Takahiko Iimura and feature filmmakers who are generally considered, for one reason or another, to be avant-garde (examples include Kinugasa, Teshigahara, and Matsumoto Toshio).  I am currently working with Anthology Film Archives in New York, and the long-term goal of this project is to turn this into my dissertation and then to produce the first English-language book on the subject.  

To that end, I am hoping to locate and interview as many relevant filmmakers, scholars, and Japan-based critics as possible.  I am also in need of access to film archives that would allow me to screen, and take notes, on these films.  Any information on archival resources in either the Kansai or Kanto areas or suggestions (general or specific) on my research would be greatly appreciated.  

I look forward to speaking with you all in the future and thanks,

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