A Miike and Tarantino collaboration - sort of

Don Brown the8thsamurai at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 08:49:31 EST 2003

Perhaps in an effort to demonstrate the law of diminishing returns, Miike 
Takashi ("Audition") has paid homage to Quentin Tarantino's _Kill Bill_ in 
the Matsuzaka Keiko-starring television drama "Pato Taimu Tantei 2" (Part 
Time Detective 2). 

Matsuzaka (51), who appears in a variety of costumes during the series, 
dresses up in Uma Thurman's garb from the House of Blue Leaves sequence in 
Tarantino's latest film and brandishes a sword in a brief fantasy sequence. 
Director Miike got permission to do the scene from Tarantino himself.

"It's Tarantino's film, but it's full of various references and it's our 
film too," claimed Miike. "Everyone's free to enjoy the character, and I 
think Tarantino will like it. When he came to Japan to promote [Kill Bill], 
I told him "we're going to do it" and he was kind enough to say "OK." Miike 
added that the scene is dedicated to Tarantino.

The slapstick mystery is entering its second season, after the first series 
was broadcast last year in TV Tokyo's "Women and Love and Mystery" time 
slot. Matsuzaka ("Kamata Koshinkyoku")  plays an ordinary housewife, 
Noriko, who becomes involved in murder cases when she begins working part 
time for a detective agency. Regular cast members include Yoshida Eisaku 
("Kokkai e Ikko!"), Kurosawa Toshio (the original "Shurayuki Hime"), 
Yamamoto Mirai ("Sleepless Town") and Nishina Akiko.


Don Brown

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