A Miike and Tarantino collaboration - sort of

Mark Mays tetsuwan
Mon Nov 24 14:33:21 EST 2003

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Subject: A Miike and Tarantino collaboration - sort of

> Perhaps in an effort to demonstrate the law of diminishing returns, Miike
> Takashi ("Audition") has paid homage to Quentin Tarantino's _Kill Bill_ in
> the Matsuzaka Keiko-starring television drama "Pato Taimu Tantei 2" (Part
> Time Detective 2).
> Matsuzaka (51), who appears in a variety of costumes during the series,
> dresses up in Uma Thurman's garb from the House of Blue Leaves sequence in
> Tarantino's latest film and brandishes a sword in a brief fantasy
> Director Miike got permission to do the scene from Tarantino himself.
> "It's Tarantino's film, but it's full of various references and it's our
> film too," claimed Miike. "Everyone's free to enjoy the character, and I
> think Tarantino will like it. When he came to Japan to promote [Kill
> I told him "we're going to do it" and he was kind enough to say "OK."
> added that the scene is dedicated to Tarantino.

It's a bit sad.

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