Ozu reference to jealousy & pickles

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Thu Nov 6 08:31:07 EST 2003

I believe there is a reference in BANSHUN (LATE SPRING), where compatibility 
and marriage acceptability are equated with the style in which one cuts 
daikon.  I know that there is a scene at the end of OCHAZUKA NO AJI ( THE FLAVOR OF 
GREEN TEA OVER RICE) in which the reconciling couple share a moment in the 
kitchen and cut daikon. The character wondered if, whoever it was they were 
talking about, cut the daikon all the way through or if it stayed strung together. 

I am a bit confused as I have attended, in recent weeks, most of the films 
that were a part of the CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION which ended just yesterday here 
in New York. The down side, and it is in my mind the sole down side, in seeing 
so many films at once with the same actors and same themes and storylines is 
that it is easy to forget exactly who did what in what.

I certainly feel that there is something to the style in which one cuts 
daikon as a continuing motif and reference to revealing one's character and nature. 
 I am anxious to see if other members can verify that it yet another 
charming, perhaps anachronistic, distinctly Japanese thought, common saying, 
superstition (such as nori maintains blackness in hair ) .  Still it is also possible 
that it not that "deep-rooted" (sorry) but  yet another reassuring "Ozuism".   
In a world in which one cannot possibly take a train ride without being asked 
if it was a good trip, if it was crowded and were you able to get a seat, I 
think that this too is entirely possible. FTS
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