Ozu reference to jealousy & pickles

Delorese Harrington dharring
Thu Nov 6 09:19:03 EST 2003

I thought it was a old wives tale like three sneezes means someone is
talking about you.  If your pickles stay strung it means you you aren't
the jealous type.  

>>> frako at well.com 11/5/2003 7:29:16 PM >>>

Even my Japanese mother can't answer this one! In Ozu's 1949 
"Banshun" (Late Spring), the Hara Setsuko character says that she's 
the jealous type--after all, when she slices pickles (takuan), they 
stay strung together, i.e. she doesn't slice them all the way 
through. She flirts with a man in the film twice with this 
information. Can anybody explain to me how semisliced pickles would 
relate to jealousy?

Frako Loden

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