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> While some of you seem to be busy trying to overcome the distance in time 
> between now and the late 1940s in order to understand every detail of Ozu's 
> Banshun, maybe someone can help me out and explain what the 'Mikawashima 
> dai-ippan' in the same movie refers to and why it is so funny.

Yes, that's utterly hilarious (at least to the Japanese).

Ms. Shinosa is quitting work at the broadcast station
- to become a bride.
[Lit.: "go to a certain place to become a bride"]
Where to? To Mikawajima dai ippan                                   
[Lit.: Unit One Mikawajima (the name of a place)].

Now, Ms. Shinoda's nickname is Sukesodara.
Sukesodara = Alaska Pollock. 
The Alaska Pollock has a long chin - it looks quite serious and grave.
Ms. Shinoda has a long chin,... and a "square" character.
Aya makes the association: A square woman like her goes 
to a square, official place like a military unit,... even to get married!


The Banshun script (illegally published, presumably):


Frako, that term in Japanese is (in romanji): "Tunagatta takuan"


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