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Sun Nov 9 21:28:58 EST 2003

On 2003.11.9, at 10:59  AM, Don Brown wrote:

> Perhaps local filmgoers familiar with his oeuvre were hoping for 
> another "Kairo" or "Cure," but he apparently had different intentions 
> this time around. "Sorry to those of you who were expecting a horror 
> film. I made this one as a comedy."

One could do a study of the advertising for Doppelganger and how it 
influenced spectators at the theater. The ads in the papers pushed it 
as all-out horror film, especially with the catch phrase (if I remember 
it correctly) "If you see it (the doppelganger), you will die." I 
wonder how this complicated the reception of the film for many 
moviegoers. Other discourses, such as the theater pamphlet, however, 
were much more reserved.

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