Nikkatsu dvd recommendations

Aaron Gerow onogerow
Tue Nov 18 10:53:07 EST 2003

> i hope here are some people who can help us with some recommendations, 
> with
> some titels or director names, maybe even webpages to look up?!

Wow! Releasing some more Nikkatsu films on DVD abroad. I assume you are 
not talking about Roman Poruno, or Nikkatsu before it stopped 
production during the war (though there are some great films in both 
categories)? What is more commercially viable is to follow up on the 
success of the Seijun releases, Black Tights Killers, and Velvet 
Hustler, and do some Nikkatsu Action. There it would probably make 
sense to do either a Ishihara Yujiro film (since Kurutta kajitsu is 
coming out) such as Arashi o yobu otoko, or another Shishido Jo 
vehicle. My vote in the latter category is Koruto wa ore no pasupoto 
(The Colt Is My Passport), which is one of my favorite Nikkatsu Action 
films and the film Jo himself says he likes the best of his own. Cool, 
moody, great music, and a smashing ending. Ikasu ze!

Of course, there are other Seijun to do, such as Kanto mushuku or 
Tantei jimusho 23.

It would also be nice to see another film out starring Kobayashi Akira 
(Daisogen no wataridori--a Japanese Western--would be fun) or an Akagi 
Keiichiro flick (the Kenju buraicho films featuring the repartee 
between him and Jo are precious).

Aaron Gerow
Film Studies and East Asian Languages and Literatures
Yale University

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