ATG retrospective in Vienna

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Sat Nov 1 04:34:42 EST 2003

parts of the art theatre guild retrospective will be shown in cologne at the
japan foundation headquarters from november to january (every monday and
thursday starting from next week). in december and january it will be shown
at the arsenal kino in berlin. cologne intends to show 22 of the 33 films,
berlin wants to show 26 films.
frankfurt and zurich plan to show a smaller selection in february and march.
there have been other inquiries as well, but no concrete plans exist yet.
unfortunately, one of the highlights of the programme, jissoji akio's MUJO,
will be screened neither in cologne nor in berlin, because no subtitled
print is available.
roland domenig
institute of east asian studies
vienna university
roland.domenig at

> On the Austrian Film Museum web-page it says that the Art Theatre Guild
> retrospective will be traveling. Does anyone know where to and when? Will
> all the films be traveling or just part of the series? Any info would be
> most appreciated. I recall the curator posting the announcement some
> months ago, but I don't have the post handy with his name or e-mail.
> Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but I seem to have been
> having subscription problems that I just now discovered trying to post
> this.
> Fred.

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