Japanese film in post-Occupation Taiwan

Michael Raine mjraine at uchicago.edu
Tue Oct 7 00:30:54 EDT 2003

It sticks in my mind that Japan's first exports after WWII were films, to
Taiwan in exchange for canned pinapples. Must have been late 40s. I'm pretty
sure I read it in Nihon eigashi taikan. Does anyone have a copy?

apologies if this is pure fantasy,


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Subject: Japanese film in post-Occupation Taiwan

Quick (big) question: Though I'm well familiar with the state of
Japanese film's official suppression in South Korea until about six
years ago (I was at the Pusan film fest the year Kitano made an
epoch-ending appearance with *Hana-bi*), I am far less familiar with
the situation of Japanese film in Taiwan post-Japanese occupation
(i.e. post-1946). Can anyone here provide me with a quick sketch of
governmental sanctions/restrictions (if any) of Japanese films in
Taiwan between, say, 1946 and 1990? Were Japanese films banned from
circulation in Taiwan during this entire period, or at all, and if
so, from when to when?

There is no doubt some material on this topic is available in the
usual reference books (John Lent's old treatment of various Asian
cinemas, for example), but I am unfortunately unable to access those
volumes at the moment. Many thanks to anyone who can provide a quick


p.s. All due thanks for the various reflections on bunraku in
Japanese film a month or two back.

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