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Wed Oct 29 19:25:42 EST 2003

I saw Kill Bill last night - but don't worry, I'm not going to try and 
start a thread on it. 
What I do want to ask regards the inclusion of Ishii Sogo's name in the 
"thank you" list in the end credits (it was certainly a much more shocking 
"twist" for me than the one in the severed storyline). Does anyone know 
what his involvement in the film was, if any? It annoys me to no end that I 
knew nothing about this.
Ishii, whose latest work "Dead End Run" is currently playing at Cine Quinto 
in Shibuya, also has his own site up and running albeit in an unfinished 

A couple of news items from this morning:
Kon Satoshi's new anime feature "Tokyo Godfathers" (opening in Japan on 
November 8th) is to be given a December run in the U.S. in order to put it 
in the running for an animation Oscar. His previous work "Millennium 
Actress" was released stateside in September of this year, so it also 
qualifies for entry. The director himself says he's not particularly 
interested in the American market as "there's not much of a market for 
adult-oriented animation in Hollywood, so I guess that [Tokyo Godfathers] 
is getting a release based on its novelty value."

"Hana to Arisu", a short film produced for the web by Iwai Shunji, is being 
made into a feature that will be released in March of next year. The short 
stars Suzuki Ann and Aoi Yu, and was available on Nestle Japan's website 
from March in four fifteen-minute installments.
Hirosue Ryoko and Ozawa Takao will also be making appearances in the 
feature version.

"Han Ochi", a film directed by Sasabe Kiyoshi and opening in Japan on 
January 10th of next year, was recently given a rather unorthodox preview 
screening. As there is little leeway between its scheduled completion in 
December and its release the following month, making promotion efforts 
difficult before it reaches theatres, producers Toei decided to screen 
selected twelve scenes and 20 minutes worth of rushes to the press. The 
film stars Terao Akira, Shibata Kyohei, Ihara Tsuyoshi, Tsuruta Mayu, 
Kunimura Jun and Yoshioka Hidetaka.

Don Brown

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