Ishii Sogo in Kill Bill?! / Recent news

Mark Mays tetsuwan
Wed Oct 29 19:35:04 EST 2003

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> I saw Kill Bill last night - but don't worry, I'm not going to try and
> start a thread on it.
> What I do want to ask regards the inclusion of Ishii Sogo's name in the
> "thank you" list in the end credits (it was certainly a much more shocking
> "twist" for me than the one in the severed storyline). Does anyone know
> what his involvement in the film was, if any?

I don't think Ishii was involved in the production. IIRC Tarantino talked in
interview about his love for the young lions doing the "ultra-violent" genre
movies in Japan and name checked the usual suspects. He talked about being
influenced by Takashi, etc.

I also recall seeing that much of the stunt crew that worked on Kill Bill
were involved with Kitamura Ryuhei's movies. Any confirmation of this?

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