Mark Schilling vs Kiyoshi Kurosawa drainer
Mon Oct 20 02:52:43 EDT 2003

 I haven't seen any of his new works, that's why I want to go to this thing. They're playing it there too, so I guess I'll get to see it if I can make it.

 I got the map... the next step is finding out how to get there.  

 Thanks for the info!


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Here's probably the best location map, rather better than the one on their
own website; Cine Amuse is #11. I think it's a public event and costs 1500

Anyone care to comment a bit about the shorter International cut of BRIGHT
FUTURE (will those of us who found the long version pretentious, unfocussed
and artificial like it any better?) and also DOPPELGANGER as a friend who
saw it at Pusan disliked it as much as BF?


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