Tokyo International Film Festival 2003 anyone?

Miles Wood diabolik at
Mon Oct 20 11:28:52 EDT 2003

Due to my inattention I was quite unaware that the TIFF was beginning on
Nov.1st. I will be in Tokyo from October 24th but was planning to leave on
Nov. 2nd, but after a quick scan of the schedule I've now got an
accreditation form in hand and will try and extend my stay for a couple more
Will any others on the list be around in the press room or at screenings?
Here's what I'm consideing trying seeing: (depending on ticket availability
and subtitled prints):
Nov 1st
THE STARS CONVERGE (Kiyoshi Sasabe) Cine Front 10:50/11:10
DRUGSTORE GIRL (Katsuhide Motoki) Cine Front 15:00/15:20
Nov 2nd
THE OWL (Kaneto Shindo) Cine Front 11:30/11:50
SKYHIGH (Ryuhei Kitamura) Cocoon 15:00/15:20
VIBRATOR (Ryuichi Hiroki) Le Cinema 20:00/20:20 [means I will miss JOSEE,
Nov 3rd
GODZILLA TOKYO SOS (Masaki Tezuka) Orchard 11:30/12:00
YOU'VE GOT A CALL (Takashi Miike) Orchard 15:15/15:45
A DAY ON THE PLANET (Isao Yukisoda) Le Cinema 2 19:20/19:40

If anyone would like to chime in with suggestions (or otherwise), that would
be most welcome. On the 4th there's 3 Nippon Cinema Classics but I'm
guessing these will not be subbed so that would probably be "fly home day"
despite the lure of ALIEN and KEEP ON ROCKIN'

See you there?


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