Tokyo International Film Festival 2003 anyone? drainer
Mon Oct 20 18:21:10 EDT 2003

 I'll be at the screenings , but not the press room, as I am just, part of
the audience.

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> Due to my inattention I was quite unaware that the TIFF was beginning on
> Nov.1st. I will be in Tokyo from October 24th but was planning to leave on
> Nov. 2nd, but after a quick scan of the schedule I've now got an
> accreditation form in hand and will try and extend my stay for a couple
> days.
> Will any others on the list be around in the press room or at screenings?
> Here's what I'm consideing trying seeing: (depending on ticket
> and subtitled prints):
> Nov 1st
> THE STARS CONVERGE (Kiyoshi Sasabe) Cine Front 10:50/11:10
> DRUGSTORE GIRL (Katsuhide Motoki) Cine Front 15:00/15:20
> Nov 2nd
> THE OWL (Kaneto Shindo) Cine Front 11:30/11:50
> SKYHIGH (Ryuhei Kitamura) Cocoon 15:00/15:20
> VIBRATOR (Ryuichi Hiroki) Le Cinema 20:00/20:20 [means I will miss JOSEE,
> Nov 3rd
> GODZILLA TOKYO SOS (Masaki Tezuka) Orchard 11:30/12:00
> YOU'VE GOT A CALL (Takashi Miike) Orchard 15:15/15:45
> A DAY ON THE PLANET (Isao Yukisoda) Le Cinema 2 19:20/19:40
> If anyone would like to chime in with suggestions (or otherwise), that
> be most welcome. On the 4th there's 3 Nippon Cinema Classics but I'm
> guessing these will not be subbed so that would probably be "fly home day"
> despite the lure of ALIEN and KEEP ON ROCKIN'
> See you there?
> Miles

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