Devilman / Kaji Meiko

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Thu Oct 30 20:44:31 EST 2003

Following the recent trend of up and coming live action anime remakes such 
as Casshern, Cutey Honey and Tetsujin 28, Go Nagai's classic "Devilman" 
will be hitting the big screen in Japan next summer. Toei and Toei 
Animation are putting together a mix of live action, special effects and 
computer graphics to "create an anime-style live action movie" with a 
reported budget of one billion yen. The lead role of Fudo Akira/Devilman 
will be played by dodgy boy band FLAME member Izaki Hisato (19), and 
Izaki's twin brother Yusuke will play Akira's best friend Asuka Ryo.. Lanky 
model Tominaga Ai (21) will appear as the beautiful devil Sirene. Also 
featuring are ubiquitous professional grappler Bob Sapp, idols Sakai Ayana 
and Shibuya Asuka, and Uzaki Ryudo and Shinagaki Yoko as the couple who 
raise Akira as their son.

The music of actress and enka singer Kaji Meiko (56) has been experiencing 
a bit of a revival recently thanks to the use of two of her songs in 
Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, and consequently her 1973 hits "Shura no 
Hana" and "Urami Bushi" are to be re-released on December 17th by Teichiku 
Records. The two ditties are theme songs from two of Kaji's films: "Shura 
no Hana" comes from "Shurayuki Hime" (not to be confused with the recent 
Shaku Yumiko flick), and "Urami Bushi" featured in the "Joshu Sasori" 
series. "Shura no Hana" can be found on the Kill Bill soundtrack CD, but 
the Teichiku release of "Urami Bushi" (lyrics by Ito Shunya, the director 
of several films in the Joshu Sasori series) will be the first reissue of 
the song for thirty years.

Don Brown

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