Gaijin perspective from malaysia!

Mitch Cullin fpunk at
Sat Apr 3 13:30:02 EST 2004

Dear Mohd Naguib Razak,

Your documentary sounds very interesting.  Best of
luck to you on it.  Hopefully those of us elsewhere
will get a chance to see it.

> p/s Lost in Translation sucks!

I'm actually a bit curious about the disliking of this
film on the KineJapan list, especially since it has
been so highly regarded elsewhere.  What I find most
perplexing is that I didn't find Lost in Translation
to be about Japan at all, or, for that matter, about a
white "Western" perspective of the country (as opposed
to a film like "The Last Samurai").  In fact, it
seemed to me that Tokyo was used as more of a backdrop
and metaphor for loneliness & isolation when
abroad--and, as such, the story could have pretty much
taken place anywhere else.  Had it been set in Paris I
wonder if the response here would be so harsh (the
film strikes me very much as an homage to French New
Wave cinema).  And, as outsiders, is there perhaps a
tendency to make our own personal experiences and
feelings about Japan--or Tokyo--somewhat exclusive and
precious?  Any thoughts?


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